Barnyard Stories

By Sylvia Price Mueller
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About the Book

The barnyard is a social setting just like any other. Like home or school, in a barnyard a group of animals must live and work together everyday, and naturally, some conflicts will arise along the way. Through her charming animal characters, Sylvia Price Mueller employs Barnyard Stories to teach young readers important life lessons. Instructive morals regarding jealousy, cooperation, gossip, and being a good neighbor are easy to understand in their barnyard setting. And, of course, there are plenty of opportunities for celebrating with friends as well, showing that good times are always just around the corner, as their companions fall in love, celebrate birthdays and weddings, and help one another. Children will identify with these lively, vivid personalities as they learn new ways to deal with problems and come to understand the meanings behind old adages.

About the Author

Sylvia Price Mueller loved children, and this admiration and respect is reflected in her collection, Barnyard Stories. Mueller, author of The Book of Japanese Design, was educated in graphic design and writing and was a member of the Nipon Club. She enjoyed life and expressed this joy through her painting, writing, needlepoint, cooking, and gardening.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 40