Back A Sister Up!

By Denise L. Folks, Ph.D.
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Back a Sister Up

God called women to preach and prophesy in Jesus Christ name, giving them visions, prophecies, and dreams. But Satan doesn’t want women in the pulpit, and too many women feel the same way.

In Back a Sister Up, Dr. Folks calls on all women to operate in their God-given abilities in Jesus name. She admonishes them to prophesy in spirit and truth. Through a collection of spiritual writings, poetry, and personal testimonies, Dr. Folds proclaims her own experience as a women and a pastor and welcomes you to do the same. Back a Sister Up is a call to arms – not just to your own spiritual journey, but to your sisters who are also struggling. Stay strong in the Lord, help pave the way for other women, and be determined to “Back a Sister Up!” Receive the Command!

Dr. Denise L. Folks operates in the fivefold ministry as prophet, pastor, and teacher. She is the co-founder of The Greater Church of the Risen Savior in Baltimore, Maryland, and pastors alongside her husband, Bishop Victore’ M. Folks. She is the founder of Positive Youth Expressions, Inc. Educational Institute (1993) which plans and implements educational activities for children, youth, and families in southwest Baltimore City which provides affordable housing and educational services to children, youth, and families. In 1999, she founded God’s Changing Woman Ministry for the purpose of instilling greatness in women of all ages in order to help them fulfill their God-given potential in Jesus Christ.

Dr. Folks is the founder of Christian Poetry Association (CPA) in which she encourages youth to present, promote, and proclaim who they are in written form and in spoken word. She has written short stories, conference material, and poetry books. Her last two books were “From Darkness to Light”: A Living Testimony of Poetry and “Oh That I Ha Wings like a Dove” – Poems touching the Life of a Torn Heart. She is presently the editor and author of The Metamorphosis, a monthly newsletter which focuses on social/emotional, spiritual, physical, and nutritional health for women.

Dr. Folks holds a PhD in Pastoral Clinical Counseling, a Doctorate in Ministry, a Master of Education in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, and a Bachelor of Science in Adapted Physical Education. She preaches the non-compromising, non-negotiable, infallible, immutable word of God.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 110