Baby Gray: God Has A Plan For Me!

By Aida Ivette Santos Orengo
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Baby Gray: God Has a Plan for Me! follows the story of a little boy, when he enters the foster care system due abuse and dangerous situations. Baby Gray teaches children about the foster care system, while reminding them not to lose hope, there is still purpose and fulfillment, as there is a light at the end of the tunnel – and a forever family!

About the Author

Aida Ivette Santos Orengo experienced childhood without her biological parents and saw the hand of God place her in the hands of a couple that not only raised her, but love and give their all to her as their own. Orengo was shown the value of helping others by her parents, Richard and Delaila Orengo. When Orengo reached high school, she became more involved in helping others through school, church and community center.

Orengo created an organization called, “Open Heart, Lending a Helping Hand,” dedicated to single mothers. At the age of 23, Orengo decided that the best way to give back was to become a foster parent and give kids a safe and loving home. During this time, Orengo fostered many children and even adopted. Orengo continues to work with children in her secular life as a family-based therapist and director of a Learning Center. She believes in the great impact we can cause in the life of a child that has suffer and missed love and security; providing them with a safe and loving environment. Always grateful to the one who rescue her and continues to rescue others!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 26