Averse To A Verse

By Steven Angelo
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Averse to a Verse depicts the constant battle between our hearts and minds, with each of us experiencing a varying level of balance between the two. We all have our hard and challenging times in our lives. Readers of this collection of poetry will gain an insight into viewing other perspectives and also receive a sense of empowerment.

About the Author

Born in the beautiful city of Adelaide in Australia in 1969, Steven Angelo is the second of three children. They grew up in the western suburbs during the seventies and eighties. He once aspired to be an architect, but fate saw him become a successful board game developer and now author. His inspirations arise from his understanding of human nature accompanied by his own dreams and desires. His verses convey messages of love and a deeper regard for human natures constant battle with our hearts and minds.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 30