Avant Guard: The Unauthorized And Probably Inaccurate Biography Of Walter Wobblebottom

By David R.J. Warrior, illustrated Hassan Warrior
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There are only three ways to live an average life; be in a permanent state of denial, relentlessly pursue an imaginary life with tunnel vision or rise up above it all and look down on the world with pity, compassion and most important of all a truly British sense of humor.

Walter Wobblebottom was not a special person and as for so many people, recalling his life is like looking through a thousand shards of crystal, full of frantic distortions and exaggerations. Over time we pull away from the worldly illusions that surround us and we are able to see that those shards of crystal are actually the facets of a complete beautifully cut diamond that is our life. We keep the best.

About the Author

David R. J. Warrior was born in London, grew up in Kingston and moved to Indonesia when he was twenty. He has always been interested in painting, playing guitar and writing songs and works in advertising. The weeks of almost surreal civil unrest surrounding President Soehartos fall in 1998 prompted him to write this book.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 186