Atlantis Revisited

By Konstantine D. Zelator
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This science fiction play combines fantasy and science to whimsically describe how energy transference, space travel, and Martians may have played a role in the creation of humankind on Earth and of the universe itself! Three Amazons, masters of the unseen domain on Earth, with an elevated knowledge of science and guidance from the Extraterrestrial Council, decide to create a new intelligent infinity. Spellantha, Herbantha, and Amanda join forces with the Pleiadian Scientist Team to create two primate hybrids, the male Adam and the female Adama. The destiny of mankind depends on these Martians! Join them in their space travels and discoveries of new technologies.

About the Author

Konstantine D. Zelator is a professor of mathematics and holds three degrees, a diploma of the faculty of civil engineering, a M.Sc. in mathematics, and a Ph.D. in mathematics. He has published several scholarly and research papers, a numerology-based Oracle game, and his undergraduate mathematics text is currently under review. His journey of self-discovery and interest in the extraterrestrial world led him to write this book. Atlantis Revisited is his first work of fiction. A native of Athens, Greece, Zelator now resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 48