As Light As A Feather Or An Uncommon Affair

By Dr. F. Walton Avery, MD, MTS
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Do we seek to have control over how we die? The question, of course, is whether or not suicide is an appropriate response to suffering at the end of life. Throughout the book the underlying theme is how we judge what is a right course of actionwhat drives a man or woman to forsake his or her own spouse and children?

As Light as a Feather or An Uncommon Affair shows us the intentional or unintentional factors that play on the lives of the chief characters and how they react to those factors. The major function that plays on the chief characters is lust and love and how they interplay. One of the factors that comes into play near the end of the narration is inoperable cancer, a factor that pushes all other life experiences and relationships to the rear. A prominent aspect of the end of the book is how the chief characters react to death.

About the Author

Dr. F. Walton Avery, MD, MTS is a retired physician with a specialty in pathology. He currently resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 178