As Good As Goodbyes Get: A Window Into Death And Dying

By Joy Nugent
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As Good as Goodbyes Get: A Window into Death and Dying

As a palliative care nurse, Joy Nugent has seen the aspect of life others shy away from: death. In her book As Good as Goodbyes Get: A Window into Death and Dying, Nugent tells the events she has encountered over the years and how others have best prepared for the final journey.

As Good as Goodbyes Get is an insightful look into how death is not something to be feared but instead, with preparation, it can be another miracle of life.

About the Author: Joy Nugent worked as a palliative care nurse who focuses on patient-centered empathy. She studied extensively both Eastern and Western philosophies to design her innovative and practical philosophies.

Now retired from nursing, Nugent maintains an active role as a private counselor and consultant. She is the proud parent of four and grandmother to twelve.

Published: 2015
Page Count: 206