Are You Ready?

By Milton (Branny) Branstetter
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Are You Ready? shares the personal testimony of Milton (Branny) Branstetter and offers an account of his life-changing encounters with God and the inspiration he has received from the Holy Spirit. Branstetter recalls first hearing the voice of God at the age of five, and he also shares how he experienced divine interventions that twice saved his life. Tracing the development of his faith over the span of fifty years, through military service, career challenges, and personal tragedies, this autobiographical work explores the relationship between man and God. An exceptionally candid and revealing depiction of how one man has seen Gods hand guiding him throughout his life, Branstetters inspirational story is designed to convey the constant presence and love of God. The author celebrates all that God has done for him over the years and describes how his convictions have deepened and strengthened as he has continued to study the Word and has sought to know the risen Christ more fully. In Are You Ready? Milton Branstetter utilizes his own unique experiences with God to effectively challenge readers to prepare for the Rapture of the Church and to ready themselves for the return of Christ.

About the Author

Milton (Branny) Branstetter is a native of New York and a long-time resident of California, where he lives with his wife, Mona Lisa Branstetter. The author is currently employed as a medical aide. He enjoys writing poetry, studying the Bible, and swimming. Are You Ready? is his first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 80