Are You Mitch?

By Carolyn D. Crenshaw
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Its John-Johns fifth birthday, and his present is no surprise. For this birthday, he will get his first and very own pet. John-John knows he will be responsible for feeding, caring, and loving this new pethe even knows the new pets name. He has named his pet Mitch.

However, John-John still must find Mitch! Mitch could be anything. Mitch could be a fish, a bunny, or a bird. Join John-John and his grandma on their very special journey to find the pet who will be Mitch.

About the Author

At 65, Carolyn D. Crenshaw is a proud grandmother and is retired, living in Virginia. She retired in 2010, a veteran, having served the government for 32 years. She spent 18 and a half years serving in the United States Air Force.

Carolyn has always aspired to writing a childrens book. With the release of Are You Mitch? she has realized this dream. In addition to composing childrens literature, she also enjoys reading, fishing, and an active church life.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 38