Angels, Visions & Gifts

By Captain Robert R. Singleton, P.HD
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Captain Robert R. Singleton’s latest book, Angels, Visions & Gifts: A Fisherman’s Journey, is a compilation of stories and advice. Singleton offers different suggestions and mystifying stories that may help a person understand the meaning of life and the tasks of their existence. From tales of Singleton’s experience out at sea to enticing tales of encounters with a higher power, Singleton presents an empowering read.

About the Author

Captain Robert R. Singleton, P.HD is a merchant marine Captain who has spent over 40 years at sea. Singleton is also an oceanographer. Being a private pilot and an ex-paratrooper, Singleton is the author of several books and articles including The Standish Chronicles and You’ll Never Get Lost Again. He enjoys teaching, writing and studying the Bible.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 88