'--- And Then I Wrote # 3

By Gloria Abbey
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About the Book

---And Then I Wrote #3 is geared toward an audience of nostalgic readers, aged 40 and up. The book is a poignant story of a girl born in small-town Oklahoma, overcoming many obstacles on her path through life. We begin with the death of the author's father and the tale unfolds from there, weaving together complex, extraordinary events, travels around the world, and fascinating characters who've shaped the author's experience.

Explore the Chicago of WWII through the eyes of this young fashion model, who moves on to find love, family, and adventure throughout these pages. An added bonus, a third section of the book takes readers through a heartbreaking tale of a family divided.

About the Author

Gloria Abbey was born in Blackwell, Oklahoma, in 1925. She began writing in her late seventies after seeing many dear friends slip away due to Alzheimer's disease. To ward off that dreadful sense of loss, Abbey began to record her life's experiences. She has written three books.

Abbey spends her time these days as a volunteer driver for people unable to drive themselves to appointments. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, a mere six minutes away from one daughter and nearby her other daughter's winter home.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 340