And Babes Must Fall

By Patsy Mannion
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The year is 1963 and Patsys young pharmacist husband has just been killed in a car accident. Patsy has no money, no college education, no drivers license, no job. Twenty-four years old, Patsy is pregnant with her fourth child Patsy Mannion writes very honestly about the year her world fell apart and what happened thereafter. With little means to make money, she struggles to provide for her childrenone of whom suffers from recurring seizureswhile trying to cope with her grief. An indispensable force in Patsys life is an illiterate but wise Polish grandmother who always knows when to give advice and when to offer comfort. Patsy is laughed at, lied to, sued, and brutally assaulted; yet despite all of her hardships, she continues to count her blessings. And Babes Must Fall is the touching and often humorous true story of a woman who overcomes her fears and emerges as a stronger person.

About the Author

Patsy Mannion, a Minnesota author, wrote And Babes Must Fall as a legacy for her children. Although retired, Mannion works part-time as a gardener for the City of Maple Grove. She is also an appointed member of her communitys Arbor Committee.

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Published: 2004
Page Count: 248