America Through The Eyes Of An Immigrant From A Socialist Country

By Dave W Chen
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America Through the Eyes of an Immigrant from a Socialist Country details Dave W Chen’s early life in China, his experiences immigrating to and living in America, and the stark difference between the two systems. Many Americans are naïve about the evils of living in a socialist country compared to the freedom of capitalist America. With his perspective as an immigrant, Chen has a unique vantage point as first an outsider and then an insider and citizen of the USA. Americans must treasure this country in order to keep it great and never let it slip into the hands of socialism or communism where dictators and their accomplices benefit and the rest of mankind suffers.

About the Author

Dave W Chen used to be a college lecturer, teaching English for students majoring in English for Science and Technology. He has published several books in China and co-authored a set of university textbooks. He was also an author among several of a Chinese-English dictionary. He completed his Master’s study at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, majoring in Composition and Rhetoric. After graduation, he became a freelance translator and interpreter. He was a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and published eight articles in The ATA Chronicle. Chen is a classical music lover and traveler. He also enjoys gardening and cooking.

His wife is a retired mechanical engineer. They have been married for forty-five years.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 296