Alternative Plan: Financing Aid To The Public School Systems In The United Staes In Years Of Crisis In Proration

By Dr. James C. Owens
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During hard economic times when the tax base is shrinking, schools must come up with alternative ways to raise money. In this concise proposal, Dr. James C. Owens, himself a school principal, suggests a method to solicit funds from every accessible source. From churches, social groups, and employees to individuals and businesses, Dr. Owens proposes strategies and incentives to motivate these groups to contribute to education, the ultimate social good.

About the Author

Dr. James C. Owens earned his Ph.D. in educational administration from Columbus University. He also holds degrees in religious studies, administration and supervision, and business administration, economics and education. He completed the paralegal program at Auburn University at Montgomery in 1993; he is also a certified mediator. Currently, Dr. Owens, who started his career as a substitute teacher, is the principal at Daisy Lawrence Elementary School in Montgomery County, Alabama. He also serves as pastor for the Second Baptist Church of Montgomery and as the chief state testing monitor for the State of Alabama at Robert E. Lee High School. He has also served as president of the Montgomery County Association of Classroom Teachers (1991-92). In 2000, he was awarded the Educational Achievement award by the Emancipation Proclamation Committee. He and his wife, Lillie Webster-Owens, have five children.

Published: 2005
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