Alphabet Soup

By Anna Wright
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Alphabet Soup: How a Christian Woman Overcame was written in an effort to help Christians who are struggling with personal battles and feelings of victimization. It was written to help readers realize they are not alone and should never view themselves as a victim, but, instead, as a survivor. Author Anna Wright wants to help individuals to realize that God can love them even if their biological parents did not. 

About the Author

Anna Wright was a ninth grade dropout who overcame many struggles through the help of God and her husband. Her husband helped her to believe in herself. Wright believes God endured all of her self-doubt and tears as she pleaded with Him to help her learn to love herself as He did. She overcame several obstacles; MPD; and post-traumatic syndrome. 

Wright went from being a dropout to getting her GED, and from there, she continued on until she obtained her doctorate in Christian leadership. 

“God doesn’t make junk, He has a purpose for all of us.” –Anna Wright 

Published: 2017
Page Count: 98