Allegiance And Devotion

By LTC Clifton H. Deringer Jr. USA
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About the Book

With his birth in January 1931, Clifton Hurtt Deringer’s personal story begins, but as he reveals in his exploration of his family, he has been built by what came before his time just as much as what happened throughout his lifetime. As Deringer’s story moves to his experiences in the United States Army and his travels abroad, his love and passion for his profession and those nearest to his heart are explored to the fullest.

As an exploration of a family history and his own personal experiences, Allegiance and Devotion tells Deringer’s love story of his family, friends, and life in general. Throughout the documented pages of his past, Deringer proves he is no stranger to love or loss as he relives the memories throughout his lifetime. 

About the Author

LTC Clifton H. Deringer Jr. USA (Ret.) “Tip” retired from the U.S. Army after serving in wars in both Korea and Vietnam. He has since sought to fulfill his goal of living his life in memory of those who lost theirs. Deringer has previously published an article written for a military magazine. This is his first book. 

Published: 2017
Page Count: 882