Alive Aspiration: Introducing Supreme Love

By Iftikhar Khan-Jadoon
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Alive Inspiration: Introducing Supreme Love

This is a book about love, justice, and the highest goal possible translating Gods will into real action on Earth. Written in 2014, this collection of poetry seeks to give strength and courage to people struggling. Old-fashioned but with a new kind of style, Khan-Jadoons measured use of language will leave you spellbound.

The project is semiautobiographical, reflecting a year of recollections, conversations and experiences to produce a story of a young man who wished to put a stop to the evil in the world and indeed his heart. Honest to the point of transgression, Alive Aspiration is an exploration of the desires that motivate us all and drive us so often into conflict with one another. The scope of Alive Aspiration mirrors the breadth of human ambition itself, analyzing even the selfishness that can inspire altruistic behavior.

About the Author

Iftikhar Khan-Jadoon was born in Pakistan, where he stayed long enough to complete some college education. Emigrating to the U.S. in 1999, Khan-Jadoon now works in Project Coordination and enjoys a happy married life with children.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 92