A String Of Biblical Characters Made Real

By Ken Olson
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A String of Biblical Characters Made Real is a fictional interpretation of six Bible stories that offers insights into the thoughts and motives of the characters. While it is not a historic piece, the dynamic verbal exchanges and life lessons are universal.

Follow along with the dialogue about these Bible characters in this volume. Easily identify and connect with the conflicts presented while ultimately learning from the experience.

About the Author

 Ken Olson is a retired school teacher, currently residing in Eugene, Oregon. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Washington State University and advanced degrees from the University of Illinois, the University of Oregon, and from Oregon State University.

Olson belongs to the Nazarene Church and has held membership in that Church his entire life. Having deep roots in the Church, his grandfather was a prairie preacher in the Nazarene Church in the early 1900s.

Coming from a large family of five boys and one girl, Olson’s mother had given birth to two sets of twins. It is true to say that Olson has three twin brothers. The family did not reside in one of Seattle’s elite neighborhoods in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s. Now, however, Kirkland is well-known for its ties to Microsoft and the benefits of a large corporation nearby.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 96