A Sound From Above

By Victor Grant
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A Sound from Above is a unique and immersive collection of poetry. It stretches through different modes and aspects of words and plays fantastically with the reader’s mind. Retaining almost entirely a life of its own, readers can nearly find the rhythmic music palpable. There is an array of different topics and themes colored brightly through the sonorous verges of sound that lay underneath the vowels which are intensified by the continual rhythm of the words. Readers will surely fall captive to the music and rhythmically sway through youth, love, beauty, and life.

A Sound from Above depicts dreams that scarcely may evade the blink of an eye, and dreams that are strewn with love. They make us worry a little and feel a little glad in the end.

About the Author

A little after becoming twenty, Victor Grant decisively wrote A Sound from Above underneath the passion that flows brightly over the mind of any young man immersed in the everyday and the subtler joys of the night.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 110