A Sentimental Journey

By Roy Paul Shields
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Chuck Baily is on the journey of a lifetime. After his longtime girlfriend dumps him just before a long-distance ride on their brand-new Harleys, Chuck decides to take the road trip solo, getting into adventures big and small along the way.

On the highway, Chuck always ends up in the right place at the right time, saving the day each time something goes awry, and moseying on to the next cozy little town for a hotel with a Jacuzzi and a home-cooked order of steak and prawns.

Chuck’s journey is adventurous. His solo Harley ride through the Northwest finds him forced to take risks. His quick thinking and previous Marine training helps him in extreme situations and predicaments; Lost children, a tour bus in a river, hijackers and civil war rioting. But, he also finds the fulfillment of his dreams with a Blind Children’s Research Center, his books becoming a big screen reality, many new friends and the love of his life.

Along the way, Chuck meets a fellow Harley rider who steals his heart. Terri is everything he could want and more. But is he ready to settle down again, after this adventure has stoked his wanderlust? When an attack on America happens and Terri’s hometown of Boise, Idaho, is under siege, it is up to Chuck to save her and several hundred other hostages.

The biggest adventure yet, however, awaits Chuck and Terri in Los Angeles, where Hollywood producers want to make a film adaptation of Chuck’s first novel. Will all of Chuck’s dreams come true? Read A Sentimental Journey and find out.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 258