A Report Of Just Thoughts

By Robert Corogin
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In "A Report of Just Thoughts," the author's stream of consciousness approach to the novel gives it immediacy from the on-set. As the title implies, it's indeed a report of thoughts that run the gamut from the existential to the observational. And the humor and insight throughout makes it a good read.

Being careful to consider the feelings of all others, you politely and properly just concentrate on them and in communication while publicly speaking. You want a full audience. And the only echo you want to hear comes from the microphone, not an empty auditorium. When you take the words out of someone's mouth, you've communicated for them, which can be a lifesaver when you advocate for the rights of others and a humanitarian effort.

When helping people is your goal and you're about to make it your life's worth, and although there are agents of fortune more capable than you are to do the work, you can pretty much accomplish your dream all by yourself. Good luck and wish you well. You really need other people's help to begin with it in the first place. To obtain the bright future you perceive is still possible and within reach, you turn to communication and report the breach. To fill the gap and lack of communication and inter and outer cooperation, you take down and remove the communication barrier forever.


Published: 2015
Page Count: 206