A Poet's Vineyard

By Williams
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Poetry, like wine, ages, but never bitters; rather it matures as time passes. Filled with various, unique, untold stories, Ms. Alice C. Simmons Williams reminisces in her first published book, A Poets Vineyard. A gentle, yet powerful peek into the soul of everyday life, Ms. Williams offers a poetic twist to the age-old tales. Her poetry contains remembrances of travel, family members, and personal experiences. In a poignant verse, Ms. Williams even discusses the death of her brother, Earnest. The stories are heartfelt, soulfully sincere, and sure to touch your heart.

About the Author

Alice C. Simmons Williams dedicates her poetry to her family, especially her parents who taught her the value of self-worth. She enjoys spending quality time with her family: husband, Alvin, and children, Oshaih and Alysia. Mrs. Williams currently lives in Virginia, and is employed by the United States Navy. In her spare time she helps disadvantaged children.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 46