A Place In The Woods

By Joseph P. Dailey
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My words are all I know,
But they are my own,
Nobodys but my own,
Read them if I write them.
Walking sure, simple paths
Makes you regret the past,
But nothing will outlast,
My words if I write them.
A peaceful journey of personal growth, contemplation, emotion, and understanding, A Place in the Woods entices readers to walk the path of life with passion-not mere acceptance. Joseph P. Dailey embraces us with this collection of poetic muses, each beautifully written to let us reminisce of days gone by-and be inspired to live our days to come.

About the Author

A restaurant owner from Stillwater, Minnesota, Joseph P. Dailey enjoys Fantasy Football, boating, music, movies, baseball, reading, and history.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 122