A Nurse's Best Medicine: Cherished Thoughts As Told By Young Angels

By Mae VanPelt
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A Nurse's Best Medicine: Cherished Thoughts as Told by Young Angels

Shots of encouragement and vaccines of inspiration can rejuvenate your aging sight in the nursing profession.

Children always speak the truth: a dose of medicine for the nurses who are less appreciated, overworked, and even underpaid.

This book is intended for nurses as well as anyone who has ever had the opportunity of being cared for or comforted by a nurse. These are short stories that every nurse can associate with.

A Nurses Best Medicine: Cherished Thoughts as Told by Young Angels by Mae VanPelt seeks to enlighten and inspire nurses everywhere.

About the Author

Mae VanPelt is a registered nurse for thirty-five years. She has worked in many areas of nursing: medical-surgical, oncology, emergency, radiology, and community education. As a breast cancer survivor, she lectures on the importance of doing self-breast exams (BSE). She is the recipient of the New Jersey League of Nursing Recognition Award (2001). She has also been nominated for the New Jersey Governors' Award.

Granted the Nursing Excellence Award, she has been honored for her involvement as a patient advocate, promotion of health wellness and prevention, public education, and community service on numerous occasions. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Ernie, and their two house rabbits, Ink and Dink.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 114