A Mouse In The House

By Patty Cavanaugh
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A Mouse in the House is a story about a little old couple who live a simple life. All they want is to be happy in their house, but there is always something that is disruptive. Once they think they have found the solution, their problem becomes worse. The story introduces children to different animals, their mannerisms, and their sizes relative to each other while teaching a life lesson. The lesson is to be happy with what you have.

The book is intended for parents to read to their children and for beginning readers to easily follow with a repetitive narrative.

About the Author

In her childhood, Patty was entranced by the creative, and sometimes scary, stories told to her by her grandfather. She was most amused by the stories with unpredictable and often times twist endings and appreciated stories with meaningful messages. As the second oldest of six girls, she enjoyed the comradery and love of a close-knit family. Holidays were festive and always included creative activities, and summers were filled with trips to the beach, picnics, and playing with friends from the neighborhood.

As a profession she chose business and finances, but always balanced her work life with her home life taking care of her two children who are now adults. Time with her children was paramount, and Patty made the most of it by conceiving creative and unusual songs and stories. It was a great way to put her children to sleep and occupy them in the car. This was the introduction to her creating children’s stories.

Patty is now a grandmother and continues to tell stories and entertains her granddaughter and grand nieces and nephews. During the summer and on weekends she spends time at a family home on Cape Cod where she experiments with cooking, playing games, and enjoys the family. She believes life can be taken seriously, but it has to include a large dose of laughter. And so, she continues to take the time to tell stories through the eyes of innocence, drawing from her past and looking forward to hopeful days ahead.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32