A Letter To The Ladies: An Inspirational Message Every Woman Should Read

By Irene S. Givens-Royal
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With a frank and engagingly casual style, Irene S. Givens-Royal has penned A Letter to the Ladies, an open discussion of how God impacts every part of a womans life, from work to relationships to marriage to familybut only if we let Him. It seems we women have forgotten how to let go and let God, believing societys lie that we must be superwomen who have it allcareer, husband, family, and material comfortsand we also expect ourselves to provide it all. We dont want to rely on the one person who can give us this and so much more we dont ask forGod. We have lost sight of our Savior, and as a result, we are losing everything in our lives, feeling empty and bereft. Stop it right there! Pick up this book, read her words, take them to heart and practice them. God wants you to succeed, but you have to invite him to show you how first.

About the Author

A process operator for Kimberly Clark, Irene S. Givens-Royal resides in her native Georgia with her daughter, Samantha. In her spare time she enjoys writing, reading, and working with teens and the elderly.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 56