A Letter To The Earth

By Dr. Joan Markessini
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A Letter to the Earth: Defining the Middle East and Its Levels of Warfare Today is an illustrated opinion essay about a modern-day tragedy, the looming, enormous loss to us as a Western civilization of an ancient and vital part of the world, the Middle East. The three millennia-old story of the Middle East is eventuating into the quandary of our time.

The essay’s full-color maps and photographs of architectural masterpieces emblematic of the Middle East offer a brief visual souvenir of what was and still remains of that region, with emphasis upon the mighty religious confrontations that have raged across its cultural confines to the present day.

Dr. Markessini combines opinion and art in an effort to compel our attention toward a coherent view and comprehensive understanding of the entire Middle East, to include North Africa; one that needs to be ultimately formulated in an in-depth multi-national foreign policy.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 38