A Hot Mess: How To Go From Being A Hot Mess To Happy Success

By Bo Bradley
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This transformational manuscript in the self-help genre will help readers conceptualize and systematically realize a life of daily transformation previously unfathomable in thoughts. Think Melody Beattie meets Portia (DeRossi) DeGeneres.

Millions of codependent people are inspired by the desire to fully recover from their codependency, yet they are disheartened by the feeling that they will always be in recovery.

Bo Bradleys deeply personal and revealing story of how her character Rebecca became codependent in the first place and how she then learned to fully recover from it will leave readers with renewed hope, easy-to-implement tools to fully recover for themselves, and a greater understanding of their own strength and divine purpose. This book takes readers beyond the twelve steps and teaches them to care for themselves and others in a deeper, richer, and more fulfilling way.

About the Author

Bo Bradley has spent years focused on helping people heal their wounds and achieve their dreams. During the course of her experience, she discovered that men and women of all ages and income levels were struggling with a common issue: codependency. As a fully recovered codependent herself, she began exploring ways to help others live their best life possible while minimizing the stress of day-to-day life.

Bradley is also the author of Achieving the Balance Dream: Eleven Secrets to Living a Life of Balance, published by 3L Publishing, and Your Power Source Tap: the Easy Way to Be Grounded, a self-published e-book.

Bradley is a Reiki Master, healer, teacher, coach, and author. She is on a personal mission to reawaken the magic of the universe and within each person. She loves to help people find their own inner magic and light on their paths to discovering their authentic selves. She offers a wide array of inspirational and life-changing products and services, including Reiki, workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching. For more information, please visit http://www.BoBradley.blogspot.com.

Bradley is the proud mother of three wonderful young adults and is enjoying her empty nest living happily in Pollock Pines, California. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and hugging trees, literally.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 168