A Happy Life With Champ

By Ernest Cofield
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A Happy Life with Champ details the remarkable love and affection that develops between a man and the stray dog he rescues. A chance encounter brings the author and Champ together, and after caring for Champs injuries, Mr. Cofield and his family decide to keep the dog. The young puppy quickly grows into a large, loyal, and startlingly intelligent companion, garnering a great deal of attention and admiration. Their relationship grows closer as Champ confronts difficult obstacles and the two embark on their various adventures. This unique story shows that the most important thing in life - love - crosses all barriers of understanding between humans as well as animals, and the lasting effects of such a special bond remains even after death. A Happy Life with Champ is certain to offer encouragement and hope to all those animal lovers who have sadly lost their best friends.

About the Author

Ernest Cofield is a native of North Carolina and has lived and worked in Maryland for the last fourteen years. A high school graduate, he also holds diplomas in food services and graphic arts. In addition to writing, his personal interests include reading, landscaping, and cooking. A Happy Life with Champ is Mr. Cofields first published book and was inspired by his experiences with a very special Doberman pincher.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 32