A Gift Is For Giving

By Marilyn Wickstrom
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A Gift Is for Giving is a guide for navigating the gifted program as well as the general structure Marilyn Wickstrom taught. But it’s more than that. This book is a group of activities that helped create the backbone for her classes. This information could be useful to home schooled parents, any general education teacher who has the freedom to interact their own ideas in the classroom, and of course to gifted teachers as well. The text includes the structure for field trips, treasure hunts, many quiz bowls, making and selling products, service projects, essay writing, and more.

The information offered within is from years of experience and learning. Wickstrom hopes this book proves to be useful to everyone who reads it. Many of her classroom activities were successful, and she presents the best practices she learned along the way. Knowing she didn’t want her experience to retire with her, Wickstrom wrote this book. The most important lesson she shares is: Everyone has a gift, and a gift is for giving.

About the Author

Marilyn Wickstrom began her teaching career in Detroit. She retired as a gifted teacher, having spent the last 27 years teaching students in Florida. Throughout her teaching career, she has been nominated for Teacher of the Year as well as Who’s Who for Outstanding Educators. She directed the schoolwide talent show for 20 years.

Wickstrom is retired and lives in Palm Harbor, Florida, with her husband of 54 years. She has two grown sons and two grandchildren. She loves painting landscapes in oil and making bread dough sculptures.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 260