A Fighter's Will

By Thomas Dominguez III
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Bryson is a young man hungry to fight. He goes into training and hopes to grow into a great warrior. Along the way he has many fierce and difficult battles. Nevertheless, he has family and a number of talented friends who support him, but even more bitter enemies who seek to end his quest. Bryson knows this is just the beginning of his journey to fight stronger people. He awaits his next challenge: his promise is that he will never lose his will; no matter how long the wait is.

A Fighter’s Will is a story readers can enjoy and learn from.

They can achieve their dreams if they have the “Drive!”

About the Author

Thomas Dominguez III is a young author who has lived all his life in El Paso, Texas. His hobbies are working out, watching anime, reading and traveling. He loves to gain new experiences wherever he goes or whatever he does. He then uses these experiences to help him write. Dominguez hopes to continue writing and to keep improving as an author and person.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 202