David, Did You Know?”

By David Edward Keesey
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David Edward Keesey acknowledged Gods presence early in his life, having received Jesus Christ in his life as his Lord and Savior at the age of twelve. At a later age, he learned of the significance of the Power of the Holy Spirit, His guidance, and His direction when surrendering Davids will to His.

Join David on his spiritual journey in David, Did You Know?

About the Author

David Edward Keesey is an educated child of God in His Word, moved by the Holy Spirit to live a life committed to teaching and preaching Gods Word as a former Certified Lay Speaker recognized in the Methodist Church. His life experiences in family, church, work, and community relationships with people have prepared him for ministry. An innumerable number of many wonderful people, including children, women, and men, have been the measure of the God-given learning and practical experiences leading to Davids knowledge to speak to the needs of those coming to Bible Study now and through the years.

The study of Gods Word spans over the years when, at the age of twenty, a Bible was placed in Davids hands to lead eight boys of the Scout Troop in the study of Gods Word.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 214