A Cry In The Wind: One Man's Obsession, One Woman's Curse

By P. R. Watts
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A Cry in the Wind

What does it take to regain ones life?

In A Cry in the Wind: One Mans Obsession, One Womans Curse, P. R. Watts narrates years of hell living under the fear and intimidation from the man who once meant everything to her.

Jamaal was a deceptively good-looking human being who seemed decent enough, working while continuing to be in pursuit of education.

Soon enough, we unmask the real person behind layers of smiles and contentment; for P. R. Watts, it meant years of desperately trying to get away from a relationship that had become suffocatingly abusive, and more years trying to get Jamaal off her back and out of her life once and for all.

About the Author

P. R. Watts holds a degree in nursing and is currently employed as a Clinical Quality and Data Analyst. She lives in the same community where she grew up in southern California.

Published: 2013
Page Count: 94