20 Years

By Sonja Lynn Williams
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20 Years is Sonja Lynn Williams second published collection of poetry. She was motivated to write and compile her poems upon reuniting with her estranged brother of twenty-some years. Sonjas cousin found him on the internet.

Sonja hopes that readers will feel the pain she and her brother have suffered, letting their brains feed off the reading of her words. The emotionally laden pages of 20 Years are sure to leave you breathless and appreciative of family and love.

About the Author

Sonja Lynn Williams was born 1970 in Fredericksburg, Virginia and raised in Spotsylvania, Virginia. She has always used and cultivated her artistic skills and put her emotions to words in many poems. 20 Years is her second published collection. Her first is titled Poetry Life of Todays World and Sonja.

Having lead a troubled life, Sonja Lynn Williams searches for and with different people everywhere she goes looking for love and enjoyment. Because of her varied experiences she looks at life differently and has a changed life in which she treasures her talents and her dreams. Sonja Williams thanks God for her parents and her place in life now.

At 43 years of age, Sonja has earned her G.E.D. and continues to nurture her love of both poetry and art.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 58