Precious Memories: God's Gift of Life - eBook

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Precious Memories: God's Gift of Life

By: James J. Hackett


About the Book

Monsignor Oscar Aquino commented that upon reading this book, he sensed the presence of God in each memory. Father Joseph Franco, a VA Chaplin, was moved to use excerpts in his ministry. Father Wilfred Dodo uses passages in his homilies. Another reader described the book as “inspirational” and it has encouraged an additional reader to begin to author his own.


About the Author

James J. Hackett was born in Brooklyn, NY on Good Friday April 4, 1947. He was raised in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY with his two sisters, Elizabeth and Marianne. He was the Clinical Supervisor of the Chemistry Laboratory at Central General Hospital before starting a moving and storage company, Almost Home Inc. At the age of fifty-five he began college, graduating from St. Joseph’s College in 2006 and obtaining his master’s in social work in 2008. He worked for The Educational Alliance as a therapist in a long-term Drug and Alcohol program on Avenue D on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He is currently retired living with his wife, Alma May in Spanish Harlem. He spends his time volunteering at The Shrine of the Holy Innocents and visiting Veterans at local VA Hospitals.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review