Poor in Spirit : Guilty, Convicted, Redeemed VOLUME 1 - Guilty

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Poor in Spirit: Guilty, Convicted, Redeemed
by Uwe Gaubke

Poor in Spirit: Guilty, Convicted, Redeemed by Uwe Glaubke is a stirring collection of poetry chronicling the authors journey through a period of soul searching. Included are heartfelt prayers seeking redemption for acts, which have brought a sense of guiltdrug and alcohol use, lies, and always wanting more from life. Glaubke incorporates bits of Scripture that lead to profound spiritual realizations.

It is the authors hope others may be inspired to allow themselves to search for and receive healing and deliverance through Gods love and healing power.

About the Author

The author is a small businessman who tries to survive the economic crises in these times during the last three years as well as the loss of his mother and his current divorce, which is his third. He also had open-heart surgery five years ago. He says overcoming obstacles is daily, and no one is immune to struggles. Out of it all, it has brought a massive amount of guilt to the surface of his own. What you read is the purge of the journal inside us all. Although this is his first attempt at writing, he hopes the readers forgive him for his purge of life as the beginning of seeing things differently. He takes full responsibility for his place in life and blames no one for his struggles as he chooses to see only his part in it and the hope in doing things differently according to Christs instructions at the base of The Sermon on The Mount. He is, as he believes we all are, poor in spirit.

(2013, Paperback, 122 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review