Polishing the Turd - eBook

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Polishing the Turd

By: Dana Jolie

About the Book

Dana Jolie gives us a glimpse into his life with hilarious, but endearing stories from his youth and current day. Reading Jolie’s stories will remind his readers of hearing their own family’s stories passed down from generation to generation. Jolie’s puns and sarcastic, yet slapstick, humor will keep readers eager to turn the page and read another one of Jolie’s tales.

About the Author

Dana Jolie is a comedic author who takes the common experiences of life and turns them into an enjoyable read. David Sedaris and his outlooks on life have persuaded Jolie to write humorous stories with insightful messages. Jolie’s sense of sarcasm will leave readers reflecting on their own lives and experiences.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review