Poetry from the Next Room

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Poetry from the Next Room
by Jim Madonna

Starting with the poems he penned back as a young man of sixteen, Jim Madonna shares his thoughts on his struggle to find and keep himself afloat amidst the waves of challenges, frustrations, and issues that threatened to crush his will.Poetry from the Next Room depicts an individuals exploration of personal growth. With coming-of-age poems such as Natures Changing, This Is the Day, and Trapped No More, this collection of poetry will also serve as an inspiration and a great companion to readers who can easily relate to the authors words.

About the Author

Jim Madonna was born and raised in New Jersey. He started writing poetry at the age of sixteen. He has a Masters Degree in Mass Communication, and writing and storytelling are his main channels for personal expression. He has Asperger syndrome and through writing, he overcomes personal challenges, issues, and insecurities brought by his condition. He still lives in New Jersey with his family, who has been very supportive of his endeavors.

(2014, Paperback, 264 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review