Poetry from the Garden of My Heart

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Poetry from the Garden of My Heart
by Phyllis Anne Dootoff

What inspires most poets and lyricists to write the most beautiful masterpieces of their times? Inspiration can come from anywhere, but the most powerful comes only from within; it is the most potent emotion only the heart inside us can give.

In Poetry from the Garden of My Heart, Phyllis Dootoff delves into the various facets of the most glorified theme in the world of poetry: love. Through her poems such as As Only a Rose Can Give, Memorizing You, and Heart Full of Empty Love, Phyllis shares love in different forms and the different emotions felt by someone whose heart loves truly.

About the Author

Born in Delano, California, Phyllis A. Dootoff started writing poetry as a teenager. Several poems she wrote back in high school were entered in poetry writing compettions; some were even published. She is a single mother who raised two sons, now both married with children. Currently living in Orange County, she works for a construction company and also enjoys sewing and designing clothes and gowns.

(2014, Paperback, 30 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review