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Poetry from the Abyss

By: David Hodges


About the Book

David Hodges is not your usual author. He did not plan to write a book that the world could read. He moved from Kansas to North Dakota looking for work and a better life. Working in the cold weather brought him the clarity and peace he sought. He wrote the poems in this collection not for fun, but as therapy to relieve the anguish of his soul. Each poem represents a piece of himself that he laid out so he could begin to heal.


About the Author

David Hodges loves planting flowers and has a green thumb. Watching the flowers grow helps calm him like writing poetry does. Hodges is disabled due to an accident in North Dakota on an icy curve that nearly killed him, leaving him with great lower back pain. Hodges walks with two canes and spends time in a wheelchair when the exhaustion becomes too much. Being disabled is the path he is on, but it is not the end of his story, and his goal is to walk without the help of canes one day.

            Poetry for Hodges’ soul is therapy, just as therapy for his spirit is painting flowers, and therapy for his body are the doctors helping him to walk and live a better life.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review