Poetry at its Best: Volume I

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by Kermit Holt Poetry at Its Best, Volume I offers an expansive variety of work that reflects on many facets of life. Mr. Holt brings a fresh voice to the study of Christian teachings and the struggle of individuals through his prolific writing. From the challenges that face Christians seeking to live according to biblical teachings to a selection that focuses on the beauty of nature, the author demonstrates a command of the language that conveys imagery and meaning in crisp, literate verse. Poetry at Its Best, Volume I is a carefully crafted work that provides the reader with challenging insights and a refreshing glimpse into the thoughts and emotions of the author. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A native of Vermont, Kermit R. Holt now resides in Florida with his wife, Vicki, where he continues to enjoy photography and gardening and serves actively in his church. The author holds a bachelor of science degree from Florida State University, a master of arts degree from the University of South Florida, and an MRE from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mr. Holt has taught science and is an ordained minister. Mr. Holt was a 1980 nominee for Poet Laureate of the State of Florida and has written for several poetry anthologies as well as in professional and church-related publications. This is his first book. (2003, paperback, 84 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review