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Pig Latin is Not Dead!

By: Christa Davis


About the Book

Pig Latin is Not Dead! is a new, inventive way to learn Pig Latin. For young readers, it is a new adventure, and for the older crowd it's a pleasant reminder of simpler, playful times of a "secret" language shared with friends. The story follows a young, sixth-grade girl who lives an ordinary life with a few twists and some great friends. Her way of communicating with Pig Latin makes her life more interesting and offers the reader an entertaining peek into the ways of modern-day teenagers and how they act in this society.


About the Author

Christa Davis has worked with special needs children for fourteen years, and every child makes her smile. She sings at her church worship teamin an Assembly of God Church and absolutely loves music. One of her favorite pastimes is reading books of all types. Davis has been married for twenty-five years to her husband Allen, and they have two beautiful young adults, Jessica and Travis. Jessica and her husband Nate have her grandson, Zayden, who always keeps her busy reading himstories and calling her YaYa. As a child, Davis, always loved to play school and started reading and writing stories in middle school. This was a great way to escape into her imagination and go on adventures. As she's gotten older, she always sought stories to write, and she found this one. A lot of characters are made up and some aren't. That will be the fun of people trying to figure out if they are in the book. The suspense! Davis's intent in writing this story is to make people laugh and remember the fun times in middle school.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review