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Pearl: The Promise

By: Baaron Lòc Mogul


About the Book

Twenty-two-year-old Neil is living a seemingly normal life as a young man ignorant to the forces that exist in the world around him. All that changes when he is visited by the spirits of two mysterious children who are in desperate need of his help, and they begin to haunt his waking hours.

Who are these mysterious children, and what happened to them?

A story of adolescence and supernatural colliding, Neil resolves to stop at nothing to find these missing kids—if they’re out there. If only he could have seen the signs sooner…


About the Author

Baaron Lòc Mogul, Midwest born and raised, spends his time working and delving into topics such as archeology, mathematics, history, architecture, and science. Since he was a child, Baaron has been accustomed to supernatural experiences. Pearl: The Promise was inspired by supernatural events that took place in Baaron’s life when he was 22 years old.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review