Paradise Keeps Changing

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Paradise Keeps Changing
by Deborah L. Elder

Paradise Keeps Changing is a candid and revealing account of one couples struggles to overcome the barriers that threaten their marriage. Told primarily through journal entries, Deborah L. Elder shares a heart-wrenching love story that warns of the dangers of pornography, alcoholism, and jealousy while also celebrating the triumph of faith and true love. In the face of seemingly unsurmountable odds, this couple learns to turn back to Jehovah God and to seek his will for their life together. A remarkably honest and inspiring tale, Paradise Keeps Changing offers hope and encouragement to every reader who confronts the challenges of marriage.

About the Author: Deborah L. Elder is native of West Virginia and now resides in retirement in Virginia. In addition to playing the occasional round of golf and having an affinity for working puzzles, Ms. Elders great passions are her husband, collecting her mothers art, and all things flamingo.

(2015, Paperback, 54 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review