Parachute Minds: Light Switch - eBook

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Parachute Minds: Light Switch

by Jeremiah Sanchez

About the Book

On Traveler’s home world of Whewliss, Gideon, Dumakleiza, and Timrekka are prepared to go where all others have failed—where the most advanced planet fears—where their destiny calls to them from across the stars.

            Harnessing elastic light, they will embark for humanity's hallowed horizon: the fourth phase. But as they venture off into the unknown, a new peril will force them to question if light will be enough, or if to find salvation, they must turn to the dark.


In an age where we look beyond our planet and see not mystical heavens out of reach, but a universe within our explorative grasp, the big questions grow louder. Are we alone? And more unsettling, what exists in the farthest reaches of the darkness?


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(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review