Paintings of Wallflowers - eBook

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Paintings of Wallflowers

By: Priyanka Samant

About the Book

A collection of poetry ranging in topic from personal experiences to politics, paintings of wallflowers is priyanka samant’s response to and observations of the world around her. Nostalgic with a melancholy feel, her poetry is raw, emotional, and insightful; readers will feel her words.


About the Author

priyanka samant lives in California with her mom, dad, and little sister. She’s unemployed, but only because she’s still in middle school! A local cinema and music fanatic, she enjoys all genres of movies and music. She enjoys learning about photography and art. paintings of wallflowers is her first book; wise beyond her years, she believes that a person’s own happiness and mental health should come before anybody else’s.


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review