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By: Adam Turner


About the Book

After Sky blamed her years of alcoholism and abuse on her mother, and others, she has found that love does not exist. After throwing herself into traffic to end her pain she hears the sound of a bell and awakens in an old house, full of strange people. Each one has their own scared pains and some are hidden by slowly, cracking masks. A very odd man named Abdus Shafi claims to own the house and calls it a place of healing as he assures her that he is there to help. But Abdus's claims grow farther from the truth as some simply strange occurrences take a dark turn. While battling her own issues, and a voice from her past, Sky will have to make the choice of finding the true meaning of pain and facing demons.


About the Author

Adam Turner currently lives in Carlisle. When he is not writing, he enjoys fencing and spending time with the people he loves.


(2021, paperback, 294 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review