Over the Bar: A Burned-Out Lawyer Sails Off to the Mediterranean Sea

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Over the Bar: A Burned-Out Lawyer Sails Off to the Mediterranean Sea
By Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson and his wife, Pam, retired from the practice of law in 2006 and set off to sail around the Mediterranean Sea. This is the story of the first five years of their adventure, told in a series of dispatches he sent home to friends and family. Anderson beautifully, and sometimes hilariously, captures what a life on the sea can be: new discoveries almost daily, quiet anchorages, seas smooth and rough, delectable meals, and making new friends from all over the globe. Many people dream of retiring and spending their days sailing. Steve and Pam lived it.

About the Author
Steve Anderson (pictured on the front cover) was born in rural Ohio. He married a law school classmate, Pam Steele, in 1975 and lost her to breast cancer in 2019. They had two sons together, both now grown.

Anderson began his travels early, bicycling around Europe with a friend right after high school. He spent a summer working in Alaska as a carpenter. Between law school and the bar exam, he was back in Europe for seven weeks, touring with Pam in a beat-up VW. He has visited every state in the Union, rafted the Grand Canyon, hiked in Patagonia and ballooned in Cappadocia. He is a paragliding pilot who has flown in the Rockies, the Pyrenees and the Alps. He is a motorcyclist, a woodworker and an avid, lifelong tennis player.

Anderson’s professional career was as a civil trial lawyer, first in the United States Department of Justice for eight years and then in private practice for twenty-three. He is now remarried and lives in Asheville, NC.

(2022, paperback, 308 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review