Out of the Depths I Cried

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Out of the Depths I Cried
by Christopher L. Bishop

Christopher L. Bishop was diagnosed with Major Depression, PTSD, and SAD at the beginning of 2014. After three hospitalizations and a two-month outpatient treatment program, he finally had developed an idea of what he needed to do to get better. He kept looking for a guide to the whole recovery process in order to better understand how to reclaim his life and move forward. Since there wasnt one to be found, he decided to make one as he was going through the process to document and build upon his experiences and the things that he had to learn the hard way.

Out of the Depths I Cried is a step-by-step guide to managing depression. It answers questions about how to ask for help and about how prayer (as he now understands it) can help one grow through depression. Learn about the tools that he placed in his backpack to carry on the road of recovery. People diagnosed with the mental disorder and normal people alike can benefit from these tools to manage depression and grow closer to God through prayer.

About the Author:

Christopher L. Bishop formally studied Nuclear Engineering and has over eighteen years experience in the nuclear industry. He was born in Texas and moved to Alabama when he was eight. By eighteen, he was in the military which afforded him the opportunity to live in many different places and to complete his BS. He currently lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, two daughters, stepson and three dogs. Another daughter currently resides in Atlanta.

Christophers hobbies and interests include playing multiple musical instruments, studying foreign languages, researching various topics, and riding his motorcycle on long road trips.

(2016, Paperback, 270 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review